Bosch Automotive

Bosch Automotive
AC Diagnostic/Repair System

Bosch Automotive AC Diagnostic/Repair System was a terrific project for Brownlie Design.  The program was a ground up re-design in response to new EPA standards requiring the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants.  The cart was developed as a global platform for use in Europe, India, Asia and the Americas.

Brownlie Design’s visually exciting enclosure design was developed as a modular system that integrates the technology demands unique to each specific market.

The enclosure incorporates durable, easy to service and assemble construction with thoughtful ergonomics targeting the technician’s needs.

In addition to the visual design, Brownlie developed the 3D CAD models for the entire assembly with consideration given to component layout, assembly and serviceability.  Our partnership with the development team also included prototype construction and production part inspection.