Epimed - Stingray Catheter Connector

Brownlie Design worked closely with Epimed International Inc., a producer of premium epidural catheters, to develop the Stingray Catheter Connector.  This device is manually placed on a catheter end to allow the withdrawal or introduction of the fluids.  Brownlie Design was enlisted to refine the doctor/patient/device interface and unit appearance.  This project was completed with a great deal of interaction  with the Epimed design team.

The soft edged, low-profile form allows the unit to comfortably reside on the patient while in a hospital bed.  The quarter twist, belt line part break is intuitive to use with a strong visual semantic indicating how the unit is opened and closed. 

The Stingray has undergone extensive scrutiny by FDA inspectors and ISO auditors specifically focusing on the design control process.  Careful attention to detail and a forward-thinking design approach has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response from inspectors and customers alike. 

The distinctive shape provides Epimed with a highly recognizable form that is friendly and un-intimidating. The design has also been well received by physicians.