Knickerbocker Bed Frames


Knickerbocker Advanced Bed Support

Brownlie Design has designed many products for Knickerbocker Advanced Bed Support Systems. The client identified a need for steel bed support systems that quickly assembled without tools and had an upscale appearance and performance.

The Embrace Bed Support System combines the strength of steel with the versatility of composites. Developed to improve the speed and ease of assembly, the components are light and easy to handle, and drop in and interlock. The recycled railroad steel core is completely jacketed in composite plastic providing protection against bumps, squeaking metal, and snagged bedding. The soft forms are simple, understated and integrate with any bedroom décor.

The Eventide Bed Support System was developed to improve the support, assembly and mobility of the standard steel bed frame, while providing visual appeal and protection of people and linens from sharp edges. The solution combines a steel core made from recycled railroad steel with composite materials to provide a robust bed frame with a protective surface that visually integrates into any bedroom décor. The casters, developed and tested by Brownlie Design, combine three independent rollers that run on hundreds of precision ground ball bearings which allow the bed to roll easily in any direction over a range of flooring types, from padded pile carpet to smooth hardwood.

Brownlie Design also has created graphics and marketing materials to support the Knickerbocker product line.

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