Brownlie Presents At MedTech 2016

Scott Ryan, President Presents At MedTech 2016 Conference

Scott Ryan, President of Brownlie Design presented as part of a three member panel at the 2016 MedTech Conference in Albany, NY.  The annual event’s theme was “Innovation Impact: Keeping New York’s Finger on the Pulse”.

MedTech, based in Syracuse, NY connects New York State’s Bio/Med industry through collaboration, education and advocacy. It is an active association of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies, their suppliers and service providers, and research universities. For 10 years it has boosted the success and growth of its members.

Scott’s participation in the breakout session in the “Innovation and Technology” track was titled: Designing for the Human Experience.   The audience comprised entrepreneurs, service providers and industry professionals from a wide range of medical device companies.
Other participants were:

Andy Schaudt, Moderator – Chief Experience Officer, MedStar Health
Katie McHugh – Project Manager, Systems Lead Engineer, MPR Associates
Dennis Filip – Vice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer, Innovative Trauma Care

As a group the panel was able to share important information regarding ROI and the tangible costs of not doing the appropriate amount of research during the initial design phase.  At the other end of the process, the panel discussed the capture of data post-release and leveraging that information in follow-on product releases.

Scott presented two case studies focused on describing the process of designing for the human experience and the ways in which he believes it is best to get feedback through interaction with users.  In particular, he focused on the complexities of dealing with varied and diverse sets of user groups.  Our industrial design process relies heavily on the feedback we gain from all stakeholders.

The two case studies highlighted our work on Smiths Medical Acapella Vibratory Mucous #### and Epimed Stingray Catheter Converter.

The key points, which were very well received by the audience covered the entire cycle of the process.

  •  The importance of usability studies
  • Identifying the target groups which run the gamut from patients and caregivers to sales people, decision-makers, installers and after sales service providers.
  • How to reach the targeted groups
  • What to do once in front of the users
  • How to effectively compile and use the data

We were honored to be included in this panel and pleased to be able to share our expertise in this important process.