Nalgene Ngen Bottle


Nalgene NGen Bottle

The original Nalgene one liter water bottle, known for durability and its no-nonsense appearance has achieved icon status among outdoor enthusiasts and college students.  Nalgene saw opportunity to expand its customer base by offering a product to people currently reusing bottled water containers that leak and chemically break down over time.  The challenge for Brownlie Design was to create a new bottle that wouldn’t take away from existing sales. 

With a soft grip overmold, the lid is easy to twist on or off.  The loop, sized to fit a finger or carabiner, means the user can clip the bottle to a pack or hold the bottle with one finger leaving the thumb and other fingers free to perform other tasks.  The 750 ml N-Gen bottle is just enough departure from Nalgene’s laboratory roots to reach new markets.

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